Baugeist provides a total range of commercial furniture solution from fully customized products such as reception tables, display and showroom items, built-in cabinets, coffee and professional canteen kitchens, workshop and laboratory furniture to complete office furniture systems.

Office Furniture

Custom-Built Furniture

  • Reception desks
  • Coffee & tea kitchens
  • Cabinets
  • Professional canteen kitchens
  • Special product solutions
  • Exhibition display shelf & cabinets
  • Fully customized solutions according to customer’s requirements

Wall Partition Systems

Double glazed partition (BauVisionW100)

BauVisionW100 is an aluminum profile, demountable and double glazed partition system with a thickness of 100mm. It provides full flexibility with a gasket allowing variations for the floor and ceiling levels.

  • The panel modules can be customized in different sizes and shapes.
  • The double glazed panels can be offered with manual or electrical venetian blinds.
  • The doors can be supplied as hinged, pocket or surface sliding configurations. The intelligent gap system allows flexible hook-on shelving solutions.

Solid wall partition (BauWand100)

BauWand100 is similar to BauVisionW100, but instead of glass panels it uses solid panel configurations. All panels are available in a wide range of finishes, such as veneer, MFC, fabrics… etc.

  • Cable management and switches can be integrated into the panels.
  • BauWand100 wall structures are built from tolerant aluminum frames, which are linked horizontally and vertically to create any desired configuration.
  • Single or multiple frames can be stacked on top of two, three or four module units or added up to build full height walls as well.
  • With their variable corner post angles the wall partitions allow for flexible space planning solutions.

Laboratory Systems

Baugeist laboratory furniture is offered in a large selection of base-, wall-, interlocking cabinets, fume hoods, shelving, accessories, seating and countertop materials according our clients’s usage purpose. Besides manufacturing the furniture we can also provide the total laboratory design solution and installation. Here we are working together with a local high quality laboratory contractor.

  • Workbenches (All Sizes & Functions)
  • Cabinets & Storage (Interlocking Cabinets, Base Cabinets, Wall Cabinets, Shelving, etc.)
  • Seating (High ESD Cleanroom, Stools, Polyurethane, etc.)
  • Complete Laboratory Planning
  • Professional Installation and Project Management